How to Update Your Graphics Drivers for Maximum Gaming Performance

An electronic chipset manages the flow of data between components on a motherboard. It’s the traffic controller between the CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, and peripherals. Experts have referred to it as the “glue” of the motherboard. To avoid any of these problems, you can set up your computer to automatically update its drivers.

  • They can be uninstalled, however, generally, this can still cause a conflict in the backend code of the operating system you’re using such as Windows, or Linux.
  • This will allow Windows to detect the latest drivers and install them.
  • I bought an MSI box which had Realtek HD Audio driver.

The company added that the bug trashes audio on Windows 10 version 1803 or above, but there’s a workaround. Click action in the top menu and click Scan for hardware changes. Right-click the Start button and select ‘Device Manager’. In the above format, replace oemXXXX.inf with the driver name/version that you discovered earlier. In the above Command Prompt page, you would need to locate “oemXXXX.inf”. Make sure that you locate the correct driver name otherwise you might remove the wrong driver, which could disable other features on Windows 10.

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Click on Next in the pop-up window and select Search for and install the hardware automatically and click on Next. Select the latest Realtek audio driver according to your system architecture and download it to your computer. Right-click your Dell audio device like Realtek Audio, High Definition Audio Device, and click Update driver. When you add the device to your computer, its driver will be automatically installed.

If you have the manufacturer’s installation disk, connect it to your computer and click Have Disk button in the above picture, and select the contained driver in the popup. In the unfolded list, right-click on the target graphics device and select Update driver. Installing the latest NVIDIA drivers does several things. At its most basic, this will install the display drivers along with other add-ons like GeForce Experience and PhysX drivers.

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This version connects well without issue and doesn’t require some strict sequence to ensure that the two devices are communicating with each other. I’ve emailed feedback to the company, but haven’t received a response. The software fills a much needed niche, especially for those of us that work from home. The problem with Bluetooth connection is that it stays connected to my PC all the time. So if I’m around the house and get a call, it’ll take the audio via PC first, rather than phone.

Restart your computer to complete the process. This download method will take you to the older version of the audio driver. But if you want to completely uninstall the driver, jump to the next method given below. Its use is very simple, because once started we will only have to click on Start analysis to search for all the drivers that have a more recent version available for download. Once it shows us, we click on the one corresponding to our sound card and click on the Update button. The program will take care of your download and update.

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